The name, Pie on the Windowsill was thought up by a family friend because, while I believe I am where God would have me, my heart belongs in the wide open space where I can nurture fields of lavender and inhale mountain air, unspoiled and healing. My heart belongs in a little farmhouse kitchen, writing letters in cursive, while babies run around in diapers and a berry pie sits cooling on the windowsill, the red checked cloth that covers it dancing freely in the breeze.

Pie on the Windowsill became something because I finally felt brave enough to write this dream to life. I decided that the closest I could get to that simplicity was to write it into being. To write about who I wanted to be and how I wanted to live. To write my heart. Maybe in the writing, I will find my way there. Here you will find musings, dreams, and the painful truths I’ve stumbled upon along this journey of mine. The more I do this whole blog thing, the more I catch myself writing everything I wish I could say aloud. I think what I think and while I’m learning to let my mind be renewed and changed, my thoughts sometimes end up here before Jesus makes it through the mess. So, you will find words upon words, describing this gracious woman I hope to become and this full life I am trying to build. You may find an ill-tempered rant or two and you will most certainly find frustration. You’ll find me, wandering my way towards this pie-on-the-windowsill dream.


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