Are you settled in?

Are you settled in?

If I could have a nickel for every time somebody has asked me that question in the last month… Thankfully, the answer is a resounding yes!! It’s been just over a month since we moved to New West and despite the fact that I’ve been deathly ill for the past few days, we have had very smooth sailings thus far. I’m missing yet another day of work and have become increasingly bored. I’m stopping myself from starting a new Netflix show during these sick days because once I do, I will not do anything productive for the next few weeks until I finish the series.

So it is with three bottles of pills by my side, several essential oils diffusing, and one very plugged and sore ear, that I sit down to write about the last month. What a whirlwind it has been. Our apartment definitely needed a little bit of TLC before moving in and I was so thankful for the help of my sisters and girlfriends in scrubbing it down with me. Our kitchen was the main recipient of these efforts and thanks to a cousin, it also now shines, bright and white with fresh paint. That kitchen was probably the main sore spot in the apartment and though it certainly has its quirks even still, I think the charm of it suits me and Jesse quite well. Here are the before photos…

And after. C’est voila!

Before Jesse and I got married, I bought a gorgeous farmhouse table for $200 and fitting it in this small kitchen space was just out of the question. Mom and Dad donated their old kitchen table and after a few coats of paint, it fairly closely resembled my beautiful table which is now in storage.

Moving day was a breeze as well, thanks mostly to our amazing siblings and cousins who lugged box after box of books up two flights of stairs. We are seriously the worst people to move for. So. Many. Books. I had only one meltdown that day before everyone else arrived and it was mostly because I was emotional about going through this huge day without my mom and sister there. Even though we had so much privacy and complete independence in our basement suite, I’ve never officially moved out. With mom and dad in England and Mollie swamped with exam prep, I succumbed a little bit to feelings of being overwhelmed and stretched thin. Leading up to moving day, Jesse had been overrun with school and work and preparations for our move had fallen mostly on my shoulders. So that morning, I cried like a baby on Jesse’s shoulder and asked if we could change our minds, he said no, and then it was all over. And all in all, it was actually kind of a fun day once the heavy lifting was over and everyone could kick back with a beer and pizza and start sorting through all our stuff. We are so thankful for the help from the people closest to us. And in hindsight, I actually think it would have been even more emotional if my mom had been there because we would have been feeding off of each other. I miss so many elements of living in that house but I know we made the right decision and I feel happy.

Jesse and I are really not the type of people to let things go unorganized. I think it took less than a week for every single box to be unpacked. We are in love with our squeaky 1970s hardwood floor and the charm it brings to all of our furniture and decor. We love how spacious our bedroom is and not having to share a closet. We love living near a sky train and being able to get to a mall or downtown without the hassle of driving. We love planning and imagining all of the improvements and changes we could make over the years. Ironically, I thought of this apartment as a one or two year “transition” home for us but honestly, I think it will be hard to leave. We’ll probably try to make it work for us as long as possible. It feels like home. Almost more so than our basement suite did, probably because it’s more us.

On the list of things to invest in over the years are a small and discreet sound system (Jesse’s archaic boom box and speakers are probably the biggest eye sore and the bane of my entire existence), bigger rugs, and lots of glorious artwork! Our bedroom desperately needs some curtains and I’d also love cable tv. I miss it. But Rome wasn’t built in a day and slowly but surely we will keep tweaking and improving little areas of our new home. Jesse will be done school in just a few months and we are really looking forward to treating ourselves to a few luxuries.

There are still a few corners of our place that need some beautification (not pictured, Jesse’s desk, our hallways, etc.) and I look forward to maybe sharing some of our solutions over the next year.

I’m starting to perk up as I get caught up on my medications so I think it’s time to step away and try to take advantage of my afternoon at home. Also time to Google, “10 ways to unplug your ear that you haven’t tried yet”. At this point I’m ready to slice my ear off.

As always, thank you for reading! I’m sick so proof-reading and formatting things nicely is just not going to happen.

Love to you all!