moving on.

Well I never thought we’d be here. Whenever I say I will “never” do something, inevitably, we end up doing it. I thought today was a fitting day to share our news being that it’s my exact one year anniversary of changing jobs! One year ago I moved from my Langley office to New Westminster and unknowingly, turned my world upside down. One year ago, I didn’t know I was walking into a job where I would sit at my desk and hold back tears almost every day. I didn’t know I would cry after dinner and I didn’t know I would avoid ordering my business cards and avoid ordering a new chair and avoid anything that might feel like forever. I would avoid anything that felt like I might stay for even a year. And now here we are. Business cards and all.

I feel so fulfilled. It’s hard work. My heart breaks for my clients on more days than I ever thought possible but the joy of relationship with people in a community with so many needs keeps me coming back for more every day. I feel connected to this city because I love and feel compassion for the people who live within it. They who have so little have given me so much. They demand so much of me and yet they also give such joy and life and I am learning how to be a better nurse, teacher, and person. Every day.

I feel at home at work now. And I’m going to have to learn to feel at home in my own new home eventually too.

In February, Jesse and I housesat in a beautiful condo right around the corner from my public health unit in New West. I couldn’t stand it. I felt nervous and out of place and unsure of my surroundings. It’s intriguing how accustomed we (mainly me) become to sprawling neighbourhoods with huge yards and free parking and bear warning signs scattered throughout the wooded areas. I have lived in these such neighbourhoods for as long as I can remember. I don’t know how to belong in a high rise or how to live right next to a sky train station. I said no, I can never do it. Sorry, Jesse. We’ll have to find a happy medium elsewhere. Something more similar to this beautiful basement suite my dad so graciously built us. Something comfortable. Something that doesn’t scare me quite so much.

Oh boy. I think you can tell where this post is going. What have I done. I’ve said this to myself almost every day since we made the decision to move to New West. New West of all places! The exact place I said I could never live. Life is hilarious.

In just a few short weeks, we will be proud renters of a charming little apartment right in the heart of downtown New Westminster! I don’t know how long we’ll be there and I don’t know how many nights I’ll end up crying on the (very old) kitchen floor because I miss mooching off of my parents cable tv or sneaking into Mollie’s room while she’s sleeping to steal her clothes. I don’t know how we’re going to pay off student loans and up our rent and share laundry with strangers. I honestly just don’t know and yes, I am totally freaking out. But somehow, we’re going to find a way to make it work and somehow, I have this feeling, it’s going to be one of the most fun years of our lives.

My girlfriend lives in the same building and we’ve already argued about which one of us is Monica and which one is kind of Ross-ish (I’ll let you guess which one I am). My cousin lives a couple blocks up the street and I can’t wait to collapse onto her couch on a Friday night for happy hour and lament about our work week. I can’t wait to hop on the sky train and drink beer and cocktails with my husband whenever we feel like it. I can’t wait to turn this little diamond in the rough into a place we can be proud of and call home. I can’t wait to build another home with Jesse. I’m terrified and I know it’s going to be so, so hard. But it feels like the right time and it feels like pure gold to make a change that is less about my needs and more about Jesse’s needs as he graduates and moves on to a new chapter in his life.

So that’s our exciting news. Sorry, if you were hoping I’d say I was pregnant. Far less interesting, I know. But I had to get you reading somehow.

Signing off for the day with hopefully far more inspiration for posts in the future. Might even dabble in some before and afters for anyone that cares! Stay tuned and thanks for catching up with us ❤