Plain Ol’ Update

WordPress tells me it’s been four months since I posted last but it honestly feels as though it’s been a year. Since I posted our wedding rundown in the summertime, so much has changed! My least favourite Pie on the Windowsill posts are those that are uninspired, written out of obligation. I’ve been hesitant to write because there’s been little I’ve wanted to write about and I won’t let this blog turn into mere updates on the life and times of Olivia.

All that said, this particular post is just that – an update. I have something precious and painful chipping away at my heart, waiting to be written. Something that’s hard to write and even harder to let be true in my life. But I will write it and I will live it. Not today though! Today I am sipping happily away on boxed white wine in my wingback chair, purchased for a dime off a crazy cat lover on bid wars, chomping at the bit to just write SOMETHING for heaven sake and tease a little bit about what’s to come.

Summertime came and went all too fast for Jesse and me. We loved the wonderful weeks of sunshine and sweetness spent together as husband and wife. We went camping with my crazy Dutch cousins on the stormiest weekend of the decade… you know, THAT weekend in August? Thankfully Harrison didn’t experience much of a windstorm, just torrential downpour. I was awake for hours on the first night, staring up as drip after lovely drip of rainwater soaked through our tarp and tent and crash landed on my nose. The rain cleared during the day leaving enough time for all of us to string up a tarp that I swear was the size of a gym. All of us sat around a gas fire underneath a mammoth tarp as the rain thundered down, drinking beer and causing a ruckus that literally no one could hear because everyone else was smart enough to stay home that weekend. We had a blast – although I will confess I had the biggest meltdown of my life in front of my poor, poor, new and unsuspecting husband when I finally snuggled into my sleeping bag on night two, only to find it thoroughly damp. He’s not ready to joke about those horrendous ten minutes but I am and all I can say is I’m sure thankful he married me before he had to witness that. My only photo is pretty blurry/rainy but you get the idea.

Also in August was two of my best friends weddings. They looked stunning and each put on the most amazing parties!

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As summer rolled into fall, we took advantage of the gorgeous weather and spent a weekend in Victoria. We fell in love with the island when we met our photographer there in February to do engagement photos. If I weren’t so paranoid about tectonic plates and earthquakes, I think I could live there. We mostly explored the city, ate, and enjoyed the ocean views. We stayed very inexpensively and comfortably at the Bedford Regency Hotel right in the heart of downtown Victoria and enjoyed pub fare at it’s partner restaurant The Churchhill and the popular, Bard and Banker. We wanted to be downtown and within walking distance of everything and enjoy something slightly more quaint and charming – all while not breaking the bank. I was very happy with our room although I can’t say we spent much time in it!


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The last few months have included a host of Christmas festivities with both of our families – Beugelink Christmas Party, Christmas Eve and morning with my parents and siblings, and Christmas dinner with Jesse’s family. It was really special to celebrate everything twice! I loved finding gifts for my little nephews and putting together a photo book Christmas present for my in-laws as they prepare to leave for Nicaragua (more on that later!). Two families is most assuredly better than one. I don’t have as many photos with my side of the family over the holiday. I think I will need to remember to rectify that situation next year!


We capped off 2015 with our annual trip to Sun Peaks with Jesse’s side of the family. Normally it’s quite a large group up there, staying in various hotels and condos. This year it was just the family and it was an unexpected blessing. Jesse’s parents are leaving for Nicaragua for several years at the beginning of February to work with Engineering Missions International and I think being together as a family, making memories and deepening relationships was an important part of this ever looming goodbye. We trekked out to the waterfall, went sledding, cooked and ate delicious food, and played Ticket to Ride until we were seeing train routes in our sleep (the girls did, anyway). It was a special time, possibly the last time being there all together and I wouldn’t change it for the world.



In the midst of this crazy, wonderful summer to winter period, I have been working as Public Health Nurse and Jesse has been working through his second year of the IDEA program at Capilano University. It was a major adjustment, transitioning from student life with night owl work and play habits to full time nursing. I love my job but my body and my mind needed this Christmas break more than I could explain. I cried a little bit the night before my last work day before the holiday break because I was just so relieved.

Many people who aren’t familiar with Public Health ask about my job every day. Essentially, I work in the community with families and individuals who are mostly healthy. We call and visit pregnant women and new mums and babes, providing anticipatory guidance and teaching during that entire postpartum period. Breastfeeding is a huge focus although, contrary to popular belief, we really just want to help mums feed their babies any way they can. In addition to perinatal care, #iboostimmunity! That’s hashtag code for: I immunize! We see babies, toddlers, school age kids, and adults for immunizations and this area of my job is one I am incredibly passionate about. When I see a pudgy baby leg, all I can think about is squeezing that chub in my left hand and using my right to poke a little miracle-in-a-syringe into their vulnerable bodies! Haha. Okay, weird, I know. In all seriousness, I am a firm believer and supporter of vaccinations as the single most life-saving medical discovery in history. The statistics leave me in awe.

Public Health Nurses also complete health screenings on all babies we see for immunizations in our health unit. We talk feeding, food, development, growth, etc.. Public Health also investigates and manages disease outbreaks on the ground level, field questions from the general public on health, and work in schools to immunize and provide health teaching wherever necessary. Like most nursing fields, this overview only scratches the surface of the variety of ways we come alongside people in their health journey. Did I mention I love my job? It’s been such a huge life change, moving from student to professional and I feel so thankful to be exactly were God has placed me.

The next month or so holds more change. It’s only a few short weeks before my new parents, Mom and Dad Ellingson, move forward in their amazing journey. They dared to ask God where He wanted them to be and He answered in a mighty way. Their website should be published soon and I’ll share it as soon as it’s available! They describe their decision and mission so much better than I ever could. Jesse and I are both so proud of their lives – there is no better example to us of answering God’s call on your life faithfully, even when it involves an inordinate amount of sacrifice.

That’s all for now! I can’t wait to post again soon – hopefully within a few weeks. Thanks for hanging in there with me friends.

{Oh! And Jesse is hanging in there just fine. He’s not eating beans out of a can for dinner and picking rat poo off the kitchen counter of his old house so I’d say married life is an improvement for him. After 6 months of marriage, my one piece of advice for all the sisters out there? Marry them when they’re young and clueless about living alone. Disgusting house habits have not yet been formed, they still have training from Mom about leaving the toilet seat down, and they’re just so thrilled to be eating real food that they’ll do just about anything around the house that you ask. Jesse lived alone only for a year or so and he’s about the easiest person to live with on the face of the planet.}