short and sweet.

I keep catching myself in this daze, stumbling around, awestruck by a lovely life I’ve been given and at a loss for how to live it fully. There has been so much joy, so much anticipation, so much blessing and redemption. And so much work. The last semester of my nursing degree has been wild and intense. In many ways, it’s been my favourite semester and in more ways, it’s been my greatest challenge. Never have I worked so hard for absolutely nothing but education in return. I go to “work” every day to learn and absorb the knowledge of the most wonderful nurses and my mind is exploding with new understanding but it aches for the emptiness of my poor wallet. A preceptorship is a funny thing – all at once immeasurably valuable and yet bearing an uncanny resemblance to child labour.

        Oh, and then there’s this whole marriage business. I’m so thankful that we have finally arrived at this stage of our lives and that I get to marry a man I don’t deserve. That said, I didn’t know there was this universal rule that all people at all times must ask about all plans of all nature. It’s fairly comical, especially for this fiercely independent woman who values that perfect element of suspense. In case anyone was considering joining the throngs of questioners, planning is going swimmingly. I have officially let Jesse convince me that I’m ahead of the game, though it never feels like that. We’ve planned and booked most of the foundational components. Slowly, ever so surely, we draw nearer to the phase of planning that involves fun wine and chocolate nights with my best friends, crafting/assembling/organizing and generally just being swell. I can’t wait. We are so excited to be married and the thrill of planning for a celebration to match our fervor takes over my evenings and weekends. It’s the best kind of busy.

        I really hope to write something more very soon. It’s been almost three months. I’m intimated too, to try and find subject matter as wonderful as in my last post. How do you top something/someone so interesting? Any suggestions?