And so it begins.

Hello my dears,

I’ve been so excited to finally step forth on this little endeavor! It’s a new adventure, one that’s success I will be hard-pressed not to measure by the number of views or comments I receive. Isn’t it funny how obsessively we operate under the desire to get approval from those around us? I suppose that’s an entirely different discussion to start and one I won’t attempt with this first post. Please read the “About” section on this page as it kind of explains why I’m here. But essentially, my life is sorely lacking for creative expression. Has been for quite some time now. I suppose nursing school has much to do with that sad reality… I’ve been caught up in a whirlwind of physiology, pharmacology, and the study of bodily fluids. I’m entirely baffled sometimes by my choice in nursing school but I know I am where God would have me. Despite my romantic and idyllic notions, I am far too practical for my own good. Nursing is a skill, one that will serve me well for the rest of my life. What I’d like to do with those skills is again, an entirely different post (and one which I most definitely will write – probably in a frenzy of frustration with University profs and clinical supervisors!!). I will say, however, that nursing school has zapped my life of all signs of creativity. Truth be told, the last time I felt creative was in grade 12 when I sang in the school musical. Experimenting and playing with that character was exhilarating and so delightfully satisfying. I haven’t felt that wonderful in ages. I want to share all kinds of lovely things on here. Things like books, recipes, photographers, fashion, even reality TV (which holds a special place in my heart). The world of Pinterest has opened up my eyes to the world of DIY projects and those deserve their place on any blog too.

The second reason I’m writing this blog is because I have a writers heart and once again, I’ve been stuck in the world of science. In high school I did the International Baccalaureate Programme. While my success in a few of the classes was laughable at best, I did manage to get two awards for IB English. Technically speaking, I’m pretty good. Artistically speaking, I’m fantastic. I can say this only because there’s really not much else I’m good at. I can sing and be theatrical, yes, but when I compare these two measly talents to someone like my little sister (multi-talented, child-prodigy extraordinaire), I think there’s a lot to be desired. But when I write, it’s like this entirely different and much smarter human being takes over. Suddenly I’m inquisitive and wise and altogether complex and creative. I write passionately. I think that’s what won me the awards because some of the other girls in my class were utterly phenomenal writers. But my teacher had the same passion for dramatic writing and thus, a bit of a soft spot for me. Anyway, all this to say, I used to write all the time. But since starting nursing school, writing has consisted of research papers and journal entries. And not the kind where you gush your feelings. My boyfriend, Jesse, hears the worst of my exasperation. I keep telling him I’m going to write a book one day. I ramble on and on to him about how many thoughts and ideas get tangled in my mind, how I have nowhere to put them, and how I wish I could just write. His response: Well why don’t you then? He’s a smart one, isn’t he?

So here I am. Armed with a love for good food, good books, good ideas, and good people, I’m stepping into the war zone that is online blogging. I want to weave together posts with pretty words and sentences about pretty things. I want to write. Bear with me, my friends, for I’m a bit hopelessly romantic.